Review:Cocky Suit by Harlow Layne

Cocky Suit by Harlow Layne

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 28th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sexy. Demanding. Cocky. 

All words I would use to describe Kingston Avery. 
The owner of Avery Capital Holdings— and my new boss. 

It was tempting enough working together everyday, but ignoring his wicked promises under his roof was impossible. 

But the company had a zero fraternization policy, and things were already complicated enough. 

I needed to focus on doing my job. 
And avoid doing my boss. 

Kingston wasn’t just another suit… 
He was a cocky suit. 
And when the suit came off, 
He was a man who could steal my heart. 

Gorgeous. Attentive. Compassionate.

I just hope it didn’t cost me my career.

Kinsley Avery and Pria Wang have a history. A history that hasn’t end well . Now they are forced to be boss and employee when Avery wields his powers and buys out her workplace. Pria isn’t too keen on the idea but he rescues her and offers her a temporary place to stay.
Being just colleagues isn’t just cutting any more as this office is getting hot and some one bound to get burned

Layne ‘s office romance was the perfect way to end this round of releases for me. It’s fun flirty romance about two invidiuals caught up in the moment and discover that their attraction isn’t just a surface level thing.
Kingsley is like many of other heroes in this world. He knows what he wants and he particular about things. There reason behind the cockiness, it’s built his business and hides the angst that he trying to forget. Pria was what he need but the journey to get there wasn’t straight forward.
Pria represents the modern Asian woman who wants to stick to her roots but her way. She stood up herself when it matter. And made Kinsley literally went crazy with her problems. She meant well and it shows by the way she cared for the dogs. She had a heart and she need to find someone who would offer her what she need.

They needed to be pushed and whilst fate open the door for them to have a chance, they need to figure things out themselves. This office romance is the perfect balance of angst and chemistry with a storyline that have you hooked.

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