Review and Sponsorship Policy


Now taking bookings for September and beyond

I do book up with posts on certain dates pretty quick. So please get in early.

I do accept sponsorship  and  more than happy to receive books,   products and services for review I believe will fit my blog brand. I do work with PR companies and happy to attend brand events and product launches in Melbourne.

I’m more then happy to promote products, books or services, if I don’t  have  the time with a editorial piece  and host giveaways

If you want my media kit/ rate card please send an inquiry to

Anything that is accepted will be showcase one at least two forms of social media  and will be disclosed  as being received for the purpose of  review or / and sponsorship.

The blog is mainly focus on these three areas but is open to any other possibilities should fit my blog brand.


I accept the following   categories and genres  for review but this isn’t a set guide. Please check past reviews to see what I have reviewed and enjoyed before submitting a request here

  • Romance – All Genres
  • NA – All Genres
  • YA – All Genres
  • MG- All Genres
  • Fiction –   Chick Lit, Christian, Cook Books Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Sci- Fi and  Women


Please give me ample time to review the book. I reserve the right to decline a request if I  believe that  I  won’t be able to review your book in a timely matter  or  it’s not a book  that I will enjoy. I accept Arcs and non-advance review copies of eBooks and print books.


All published reviews include a cover, links and summary of the book and a honest opinion whether for or against the book.

I do occasionally do guest posts and interviews so if your book fits my brand. Please get in touch if you want a feature spot on my blog. All guests posts and interview inquires should be sent to :




I’m a passionate  makeup enthusiast who is constantly learning and honing her skills.

I’m more flexible on what I accept for review for the blog in this field as I’m new to this area and I’m getting my name and brand out there and willing to receive unsolicited products should you think my blog fits .  I’m always searching for a new holy grail product whether it be high-end product or  an indie product.

All published reviews will include  photos of the product/service, swatches if possible and pertinent  details regarding the product/service. All reviews will be a honest opinion  after careful testing. Please allow time for testing and reviewing if the item/service requires so


I do the occasional food post here and there aside from reviewing cook books.  As a passionate home cook and food lover. I loving trying new things. I’m happy to trail new food products or services.

If you want to work with me  please contact me through my business email to discuss any possible opportunities about review or sponsorship if you think your brand or product will fit my blog.