Desecrated Essence (Desecrated Duet, #2)

Title: Desecrated Essence (Book 2, Desecrated Duet)

Author: C.A. Rene

Release Date: December 7th

Genre:  Dark Reverse Harem Romance

 Cover Designer: TalkNerdy2me


What happens when your only source of warmth and light leaves you?

The dismal shadows once kept at bay, begin to seep back in and coat everything the light once touched. All feeling becomes saturated in their inky grasp and escape becomes impossible. She left me here in the dark, alone and awaiting the impending destruction.

Who do you turn to when you feel all is lost?

His presence isn’t welcomed, and his anger scorches my insides, but at least he never leaves. Now that I’m truly alone, his claws sink deep and trying to flee would be futile. We are one, him and I. There’s nothing I can do but watch the storm clouds roll in.

How do I warn them if the warning is me?

I can’t control him once he has something in his sights,  His determination knows no bounds, and his wrath is an addiction I know too well.

There’s no stopping the lightning if you don’t hear the thunder.

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This duet is everything. Exploring deep issues so eloquent and letting Kailey deal with her issues without being questioned. Kailey poured her words out in the first instalment and this instalment just brings so much tragedy. It’s beautiful through as much it’s tragic and brings this series to a satisfying conclusion.

Rene is an author to watch out for and writes stories that will tear you heart apart. One to watch

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Author Bio:

C.A. Rene is married (but dreams of a RH of her own) with two kids (assholes) and lives in beautiful (cold most of the year) Toronto, Canada. To escape from life’s pressures (more assholes) she brings fingers to keyboard and taps out her imagination. Most of the stories floating in her head contain blood, angst, and dark dark love. Lover of all things dark. I love to read it, write it, own it, eat it, whatever it. My addictions include Coffee, books, and WINE, in that order.

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