Fury by Elaina Jadin and Marie Robinson

Title: Fury (Blackfang Barons Book 2)

Author: Elaina Jadin & Marie Robinson

Genre:  Dark Mafia Shifter Romance

 Cover Designer: Kelley York at Sleepy Fox Studio


Captured. Tormented. Haunted.

Everything has been torn from me, including the men I’d begun to trust with my heart.

Kade, whose fiery brutality gave my rage an outlet. Bishop, whose twisted mind uncovered my deepest truth. And Draven, whose ruthless control offered me safe refuge.

Only, I discovered they aren’t men at all.

They’re monsters.

Now I’m trapped in hell under lock and key, terrorized by the creatures of my nightmares, and forced to fight through excruciating pain for every breath.

But I’m tougher than they know. More determined than they realize.

And more cunning than all of them.

— — —

She was stolen from us, taken by our enemies.

They think they’ve weakened us. Instead, they’ve unleashed the beasts.

We swore to destroy anyone who dared to come between us, and we’ll stop at nothing to uphold that promise.

The path to her will be painted in Latian blood.

No mercy. No hesitation.

She knows we’re the very creatures that haunt her. She’ll never forgive us for bringing her into this dark world. She’ll never crave the mark of our wolves, or embrace our savage nature.

But when it comes to our little Fawn… there’s no choice.

She’s ours.

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Blackfang Baron series is my new guilty pleasure. If you crave the dark side of romance and enjoy a good RH. This series is right up your alley. Fury is the second book and picks up where the last book left off. Jemma and her journey of discovery as she dives further then where she thought she could ever go .

Jemma’s story isn’t easier then the first book. Her story wasn’t her’s alone to tell. Her path was changed by Draven, Kade and Bishop. They made her fight and in this book we go deeper into the characters and their stories.
This book left with a deeper understanding of the Baron world. It’s not a easy world but Jemma is walking a fine line and I can’t wait to see where the authors goes with the next book. As Jemma really came into her own in this book and a lot was revealed that left with more questions.
The Barons have their work cut out it seems

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