This Loves Hurt by Nikita

Title: This Love Hurts

Author: Nikita

Release Date: October 30th

Genre:  Dark Romance

 Cover Designer: TalkNerdy2me


If you’re looking for a love story this isn’t it but maybe if you’re brave enough to stick around we’ll see what happens….


Just when I thought things were finally going right for once in my life,

the worst happened…

one fateful night brought the devil to my door and life as I knew it changed once again….

The only question is, will I break free this time or have I finally found the person who would break me instead….


Being the head of the Mancini family means that I have to rule with an iron fist.

It also means protecting my family and nothing matters more to me except for my brother.

When my brother goes missing I’ll make sure I raise hell just to bring him home.

When I found him again it wasn’t the way I wanted and somebody is about to pay.

I’ve got a name and it’s only a matter of time before I come for you.

Tick tock little lamb, your time is running out

TRIGGER WARNING: This book is extremely dark  with explicit language that some readers may find triggering. Due to the violent nature, sexual themes and graphic depictions of some scenes it is recommended for readers aged 18+ who are NOT sensitive to such material. Some of the triggering themes included but not limited to are: rape, torture, mental and physical abuse and drug abuse.

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Debut author Nikita, delivered a dark story that was perfect for this time of year. She didn’t mince words with the warning. It only made me excited to read the story of Addiosn and Cole.

Addison just wants to be free. She happily doing college and living the life with Mia.

Yet there is something missing from this story. You feel that Addison, is hiding herself away. Not wanting to commit to anything deep that isn’t a necessity.

Until Cole enters the picture and tips everything into chaos. Something she had buried behind her she thought . He brought back everything she hated about her early years yet it was so addicting. He made want chaos, thrive on it and and send them into a spiral

Nikita hit all the right spots with this dark romance and I can’t wait to read more from her in the future.

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Author Bio:

Nikita is a full time college student who had absolutely no plans of writing a book. This Love Hurts: A Dark Romance was her first book and once Cole and Addison came into her head they wouldn’t leave and thus this story was born. They were very adamant that their story be written. She’s excited to be on this new journey that was never anticipated but is welcomed all the same and can’t wait to see where this takes her In her spare time when she’s not procrastinating she likes to read or listen to music.

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