Mended by Gabrielle G.

If love is a salvation for some, for me it was a damnation. Until I met her.
We both understand what it means to lose the love of our lives.
We both refuse to have another relationship.
We both think we’ll never love again.
And then our worlds collide.
She’s the storm to my dangerfree life.
I’m the anchor to her wildness.
She’s reckless.
I’m guarded.
But in reality, we’re both pretending.
What if love is what we need to mend our broken hearts?

A military romantic suspense from the Salvation Society World.

Two broken souls are forced together by their friends in the hopes will be able to heal and find something in common.

It can go two ways. From page one, the story of Oliver and Tessa was compelling. We alternative chapters POV, allowing us to experience the grief and the other emotions these two have.

One is out of control and lashes out, wanting desperately to be known as just Tessa. Whilst Oliver well, he is still holding the pain that certainly forced him to make decisions that he has regret over.

Until Virginia Beach comes calling

These two were interesting as whilst they shared grief. They definitely had different ways of dealing with it. Thrown together I loved the guys were hoping to make something happen.

However it’s far from anyone expected once they connect and start working together, these two learn that they can give and take if they are willing to open up.

Gabriella G has definitely created a heart stirring story and I look forward to reading more of her’s in the future

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