Daddy’ Angel by K.A. Knight

 Daddy’s Angel, a taboo age gap romance, by K.A. Knight  is now LIVE!

Title: Daddy’s Angel

Author: K.A. Knight

Release Date: October 28th 2020

Genre: Taboo Age-Gap Romance. 

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I never wanted to need him.

But when my boyfriend cheats on me, I decide to get a little revenge…by sleeping with his father. 

Tyler, Mr. Phillips. The silver fox that fills my fantasies and has been off limits…until now. Our one night together turns into more than we could have ever imagined, but when real life explodes into our torrid romance can we handle what it brings? 

Hearts are broken, lives are ruined but if we can survive the world pulling us apart we just might have a chance at a happy ever after.

Buckle up daddy, I’m about to be your angel.

Screw you Justin, your dad does it better. Download FREE on KU →
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I seek these stories out usually for the niche factor. However Knight brought best of this genre in this story. This is a beautiful sensual age gap romance that delivers a lot more then just heat. It’s a story of two people who met at the wrong time but should be together.
Their story is respectful and endearing. They want what the hearts wants but there is more to this story then first meets the eyes.
They walk around with hidden desires and for so long you have to wonder how they managed.
Tyler isn’t afraid to make his thoughts clear.
It’s only time
Knight is know for her well written stories and this book was no surprise in those terms.
From the first few pages, you could feel the tensions rising and the chemistry through the roof.
It’s more than Lexi bargained for when she took the dangerous route. But sometimes you need to take those risks to succeed and Knight did just this with this book.


I guess I know where it went wrong. It was the moment I met those dark eyes and arrogant smirk. When I realized I wanted his dad more than him. Then everyday since, every innocent touch, smile or joke. Every time he laughed or smiled at me, those dark eyes consuming me, making me forget everything and everyone. Including Justin. 

Or when he spoke words so beautiful I still repeat them in my head, when I realised he wanted me too. That night I hadn’t slept, Justin’s arm across my stomach, but I wished it was someone else’s. So yes, I can understand why and when. It drove a wedge between us, even if Justin didn’t know why and I don’t speak it. 

I didn’t even notice when he started cheating, and honestly if I did, I don’t think I would have cared. He became a chore, something I felt I had to do, to be with. Because he was good, kind, sweet….but how sweet is a man that can screw a woman while you are in the next room of a party.

I didn’t find out that night, no I found out about two days ago. And honestly, I was relieved. Shitty but true and when I confronted him and he broke it off, claiming I was too much work, wanting too much I smiled. Smiled because all I felt was freedom, finally, finally it was over. 

Dumb, I know. 

Maybe a part of me stayed because it was my only connection to Tyler. Maybe I stayed because I was tired of being hurt by those bad boys that I fell for so easily, with dark eyes and panty wetting smiles. Who would call me hot before beautiful. Who saw my body before my smile.

It’s over.

Connect with the Author

K.A Knight is an indie author trying to get all of the stories and characters out of her head.
She loves reading and devours every book she can get her hands on,
She also has a worrying caffeine addiction.
She leads her double life in a sleepy English town,
where she spends her days writing like a crazy person.

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