Sexy Seaman by Paige Steele

I’m sick of following suit, doing everything my dad thinks I should. I’m my own woman, and I know just how I’m going to prove it. I went through six years of college to earn my master’s in business to please him, while I wanted a degree in interior design, so I worked my tush off and received my bachelor’s in that too. Now that I’m twenty-four, I’m going to do a one-eighty in my life and take a job I never saw myself doing, just to please me. It really can’t be too hard to serve food to people, make beds, and use a feather duster…can it? I’ll be sailing away and forgetting all my worries. Or so I think, until I look up to see the sexy captain, with his white hat on, step in front of me and I meet Reed Nichols.
Growing up while traveling the open seas made my decision to take over the family business the easiest one I’ve ever had to make. After four years in college taking accounting classes, I went after my true dream…a captain’s license. I always knew I’d follow in my father’s footsteps; I just didn’t think it’d be this soon. Right before he passed, he asked me to do just that and I’ve never looked back. Right now, my life is perfect, just the way I want it. I run the company my father founded and drive a million-dollar yacht every day. I pick and choose who lies in my bed, and I’ve never allowed anyone there for more than a night or two. No one has ever kept my attention any longer than that. Then I look down to see the long legs of a cabin stewardess walking toward my boat and I meet Maci Foster.

This is far from what it seems. I thought I would just get a cocky seaman who isn’t afraid of leaving them and sailing the world.
Instead we get a ruthless CEO who has managed to combine his love and his work together. He rules the high seas and the board room. Something that Maci needs to learn . She done a complete 180 on her career path and isn’t exactly wanting to follow her father’s path.

This is a summer romance with a twist and over the course of the book obviously there is the usual chemistry and flirting but Steele captures the whole atmosphere perfectly. It felt like a season of the reality tv that had to be inspired by. It’s fun and I enjoyed the fictionalised taste of this world.

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