Seconds by Freya Barker

Series: Salvation Society
Published by  on September 6th 2020
Source: Candi Kane PR provided for review (gifted)
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Love, life…death—a few seconds can change everything.

I’m a criminal defense lawyer determined to build my own firm from the ground up.
My ex, the new prosecutor, complicates things; especially when the animosity between us infects the whole courtroom.

Then I meet Callum—my brother’s friend, a bounty hunter, and the accused in my new case.
The charge—sexual battery.
The supposed victim—a bail jumper he’s been chasing halfway across the country.

My instincts tell me he’s innocent, which I set about proving, but I didn’t expect to fall for him in the process.
Our mutual attraction becomes a tempting complication neither of us can resist.

When a body turns up, Callum and I realize a war is raging around us; and one of us is the target. With an ex-husband eager to take me down, and a woman determined to ruin Callum, we need to figure out who the perpetrator is…before time runs out.

Second that is all that Reagan felt in her life. She always has come second to the people in her life for the last few years and she isn’t taking that any more. She made a stand and got rid of the baggage that tied her down. Until she meets Cal and gets caught up in a whirlwind of suspense when her world is threaten once again
Reagan is tough and it not just because she is a lawyer. She has been forced too because of the way things have turned out in the last year. She doesn’t except to find love given the number her ex did on her and the fact that she is constantly remind of him thanks their professional careers.
Barker hooked me in with the opening chapter that set the tone of the setting and the characters. She didn’t allude to what she had in store and that was charming as it allow the story to develop the plot at different rates for the mystery and the romance.
Barker is methodical in her mystery. The pieces don’t come together until the very dying moments and the chase is thrilling. It ties well with the romance between her and Cal. He is a bit rough around the edges because of the nature of his business and is the perfect other help for Reagan as they both need to take some trash out of their lives .
Cal was the man she needed even though he came into her life because of interesting moment and stayed around. He older and wiser and wasn’t afraid to get dirty. This was the right balance of inspiration from Salvation world with Barker’s own spin on things. I do hope that there more books by Barker in her piece of this world.

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