Review: Limitless by M.A. Lee

Ryder isn’t the type of guy who is used to being told no.

With wealth, a body like a Greek god, and a panty-melting smile– Ryder seemed to have it all.

Scarlett isn’t like most girls. She sees right through Ryder’s charm and isn’t impressed by his money and status.

At least, she pretends not to be.

After a chance encounter at The House, where Scarlett is a counselor, she brushes off Ryder and his smile. She knows the dangers of making bad decisions. Ryder becomes intrigued and obsessed with the only girl not interested in him. As he donates his time and money at The House, helping out the boys, he refuses to back down and will stop at nothing until he makes her his.

As sparks fly on and off the racetrack, Scarlett finds herself drawn to the bad boy. Will she give in to her desires or will they both get burned?

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Limitless is fast story that packs a lot into the story. Lee has mastered the art form of  having the perfect balance between showing and telling allowing readers to experience the world of Ravens whilst  delving into the Driven World.

The angle which Lee takes inspiration from is the sweet and heart warming side. Scarlett is the career for a group home and she protects her charges like a mother hen. She maybe young but she isn’t afraid to let her mind known when Skylar pays a visit.

Scarlett wasn’t just a mother hen for a reason. Her back story had a bit to deal with the way things went down and I love that Skylar broken down her barriers once he realise what was going on. They were perfect for each other, once they got over the initial issues and nothing was going to stand in their way. It  felt like it was fast and furious but the reality was that this story happened over a period of time that took into count the situation at hand. Lee’s Driven contribution was entertaining and the heroine was everything you expect for drag racer.

Author Bio

M.A. Lee is the persona of a wife, mother, and coffee addict. Her love for writing began as a child and has flourished into a career as she fell in love with classic romance stories, but wanted to put her own twist on the ‘book boyfriend’ idea. You can find M.A. Lee enjoying time with her husband, kids, and dogs at her country home in Kentucky or at her many book signing events.




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