Review: Drag by AJ Alexander

He pushed all the limits… even mine.

The first time I met Tyler Davenport I knew my life was about to change, I had no idea just how much.

I tried to resist at first. I really did. But I got so caught up in him, in us. He was an undeniable force that pulled me in, so I held on tight and enjoyed the ride.

Until everything spiraled out of control and reality came crashing down. They forced him to say goodbye to his wild ways… and me.

When our paths cross again years later, it would be so easy to pick up right where we left off. If I wasn’t keeping a secret, that would turn Tyler’s world upside down.

Fate has given us a second chance, this time will we crash and burn?

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Drag is the second chance story that has high stakes as these two two had a complicated past . These two haven’t fallen out of love. Life got in the way and these two had to grow up fast in the meanwhile.

Now we see them in the present and things are interesting. The heroine has no clue what happened in the time part with the hero. She been busy with her life and hiding the secret that quickly changes the course of the book fast.

These two don’t only have to work out what happened to them in the past but how they are going to work together in the present . As their love isn’t enough anymore

Alexander’s contribution to the Driven world was one of my favourite troopes and this was little drama crazy but it didn’t involve other parties. There was plenty of assumptions but the redemption story won me over.

Author Bio

USA Today Bestselling Author AJ Alexander is a wannabe psychologist and author of steamy (borderline erotic) contemporary romances with happily ever afters that are earned by her characters. She lives in the angst capital of the world, Seattle Washington with her own personal knight in shining camouflage and her two beautiful girls.

You can always find AJ with a cherry coke and twizzlers at hand while writing, watching the latest Asian drama on Netflix, or enveloped in a pile of fur babies and children.



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