Review: Brash Boss by A.S. Roberts

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on August 16th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR provided for review (gifted)

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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Ruthless, unstoppable, downright relentless.
I know what they say about me,
And they’re right. 
I’m Vegas, mafia royalty. I deal with business the only way I know how, arrogantly.
But, in life listening to the matriarch of our family is really all that matters.
However, settling down,
Getting married,
And playing it straight,
Just isn’t me.
But what Nonna wants,
Nonna gets.
The roll of the dice,
The flip of the cards,
I love it all.
The risk,
The chance,
The odds.
Which is why I’m here again,
In over my head,
Drowning in debt,
With no clear way out.
But when a sexy, commanding mob boss makes me an offer.
I can’t refuse.
After all,
It can’t be that hard being married to the Brash Boss. 
But deals struck over money should never involve the heart…


There is been a plethora of Mafia romances lately being released so it was only time before we got one in the Cocky Hero World.
Brash Boss didn’t meet the mark as a Mafia romance. There wasn’t any too unsavoury moments except for the moment Nico had to used his means to convince Barbara to save her.
The heroine has more interesting story. She has an problem that makes her vulnerable and the hero uses it to help him get her willing to help him.

It’s not typical run of the affair . Nico is open to the readers. Barbara doesn’t have to do had digging into his soul and mind to reveal the true extent of him. Instead they are dealing with the game of marriage and how they going to find their way to happiness. Nico maybe alpha but sure isn’t the mafia boss I expected.

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