Review Bound (The Devil’s Playground, #3) by Eva Charles

Smith Sinclair guards the gates to the darkest corners of Charleston, and I need access for a story. Despite my best efforts, he stonewalls me at every turn, treating me like a plaything with his outrageous demands.

He’s unapologetic and arrogant, and refuses to play fair. Yet I find his scathing honesty and brazen confidence irresistible. Staying away from him isn’t an option. Not for me.

But Sinclair isn’t the only danger lurking in the shadows. And as he distracts me with his games, each lead I chase drags me deeper into a sinister plot.

In the end, I’m bound to make a choice that might cost one of us everything.

While Bound can be read as a standalone, it is the third book in The Devil’s Due series and is best enjoyed after reading Depraved and Delivered. Bound has no cliffhanger. 

The third instalment could be seen as filler to some. To me it was  plunging into uncharted waters with Smith Sinclair who has been by J.D. side through the thick and thin. Smith knows his job and from the moment we finally get into his perspective  we see this man is straight lace as they come . He was everything I thought he would be.

However there someone who is pushing his buttons and causing issues he doesn’t want to deal with.  Kate a reporter who thinks she on to a big story. Only if she knew the truth , that we know after reading the first  two instalments.

This is twisted as the last two instalments , Smith isn’t afraid to make his move and make his attentions clear. He quickly gets under Kate’s skin  and she isn’t prepared for the  ride.  This book tied in well with the existing storyline and allowed us to have a richer view of this world.

It’s slow burn compared to the last two books and the fact this walks through the journey of  becoming dark. It’s not over night like the previous instalments. Kate isn’t aware of the true world she is diving into at first and makes sense.  Bound is the perfect instalment that allows readers to discover more to this world of the Wilders and Charleston .

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