Review: Bitter Edge by Ariana Rose

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on September 13th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR provided for review (gifted)

He was sent to put my body and dreams back together. Were they things I even wanted anymore?

Spencer Broten was a pain in my backside from the moment we met.

I was conned into going on a road trip with him. Within hours, I was realizing he wasn’t just my trainer. He was much more.

This unnamed, unplanned winding road turned into us getting to know each other as we truly were.

Two broken bodies, two broken souls finding out we were more the same than different.

The line between hate and love is a bitter edge.

Outside or Inside.

Where will we land?

I enjoyed the last book of Rose so I was eager to read this one and it didn’t disappoint.
The hero is at the end of his career.His glory days are far behind him and he knows this know. He put everything on the line and it didn’t pay off.

Now Spencer has come home hoping that he can pick up where he left off in his personal life. But time changes people. It isn’t easy to pick up when everyone has moved on. Given a lifeline by a friend. Spencer enters the world of Cierra in a boom.
He been where she has been but she isn’t willing to listen to a guy she believes is past his prime.

She is young and fresh, ready to forget everything. However Spencer has other ideas. Spencer is remarkable in this story. He is older and wiser but he doesn’t push it into Cierra’s face

He lets her make her mistakes and realise what she pushing away is wrong. He understands her world too well and being a feisty determined woman in this case isn’t the best move. Their story is one about hope and redemption. The romance is added bonus. Rose weaves a magical story about healing and love . The love that is undeniable and surpasses everything else.

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