Reformation by Chelle Sloan

Series: Salvation Society
Published by  on September 6th 2020
Source: Candi Kane PR provided for review (gifted)
Genres:Contemporary MC
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Garrett Dixon
I have it all, or so it seems. A thriving medical practice, money in the bank and a standing invitation to every social event in Virginia. It doesn’t matter that my marriage is a trainwreck and my friend circle is limited to my business partner and my brother. You don’t need things like love and friends when you’re at the top of your field. That’s what I thought, until I met Paige.

Paige Blackstone
I have everything I need. My dream job as a kindergarten teacher, amazing friends and a volunteering schedule that keeps me constantly on the move. It doesn’t matter that I’ve put my own life on hold to help others. You don’t need a relationship when you’re trying to make up for the sins of your past. That’s what I thought, until I met Garrett.

Our choices tried to break us. Our friendship healed us. But will the ghosts of our pasts keep us apart? Or will they be the reason we find a love neither of us saw coming? 

This is the debut From Chelle Sloan and it honestly was good. Sloan knows to write flawed characters that need help and that what Paige and Garrett need.  Both are stuck in their respective worlds and they need a push to get out their bubbles to follow experience life

Paige honestly seems to look at things with rose tinted glasses and she needs to get some real hard world experience.  Gartett has in spades but is afraid to share with the world given how much pain he had recently. Until Cullen his nephew forces his hand unintentionally. .

Cullen is the link between them and they meet at a school event.  Paige  is the start of the shake up Garett  that need so much that he wants her even though he can’t act on his feelings. He hasn’t put his past behind him completely.

Paige offers him a chance to get out of the rut and he will take any chance he can get given that he already  lost everything once . He only can rise again.  She is the answer to everything but Garrett takes his sweet time figuring out.

He goes through the full journey so the wait is worth it.  Sloan doesn’t milk too much but strikes the right balance given that Garrett has been hiding from the world. They showed each other what love could be and their ending was sweet  as it shows how far Garrett has come. It’s was bittersweet to leave them but I definitely will be picking up this author’s next book.

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