Mister Dimples by Lindsay Becs

Is it possible to crush on a voice?
My favorite thing to listen to is Juniper Love’s podcast show, Go, Sports!.  Hearing her uninformed, teasing commentary on every game she watches makes me laugh—even when it’s my team she’s talking about.  I might be her biggest fan.
I thought Troy Tipton was just a nice guy with a gorgeous smile.  Until I learned he was a fan-favorite NFL star quarterback.  The same one gracing magazine covers with his irresistible dimples.  The same one I mock on my show.
When we start dating, the explosive chemistry we share is impossible to ignore. But can we keep our opposing careers from ruining what we have before we even begin?  Or will we let them destroy everything good that’s between us?

This is a new take on the classic, celebrity meets fan . The heroine is a podcaster and she makes fun of the hero for a living basically.

Until she meets him and finds out who is behind the infamous nickname she has given him. Mister Dimples I s a man worth knowing . A man who can keep up with the sass and the banter .

Becs is witty and provides plenty of entertainment. If you love sports and wonder what would be like to be in the shoes of someone who is clueless. Juniper is your girl. You may come for the sports but the comedy is top notch and Troy is the perfect guy for her despite their issues . Definitely won’t be the last Becs’s book I read

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