Heartless Bastard by Tonya Brooks

A past shrouded in secrets.
Memories tainted by lies.
One look and Ford Hammersmith was mesmerized,
Haunted by amethyst eyes.
Obsessed with a woman he doesn’t remember… yet can’t forget.
The mysterious Callie Rose holds the secrets to his past,
The key to his future happiness.
His soul ravaged by the echo of love lost,
The heartless bastard will stop at nothing to reclaim her heart.
A cruel twist of fate brought them back together,
Will a decade of pain and betrayal keep them apart?

Ford is lost and you can tell when the heroine holds all the answers. This book was drama central.The heroine is feisty and doesn’t want to do anything with the man who broke her. She risen above the ashes and made something for herself. So why is her partner forcing to confront the past where there is only bad memories.
Brooks had me hooked withe drama and the blurb was killer. However it doesn’t come close to the story inside and this story is crazy. Choose what you believe but the past isn’t always crystal clear

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