Fearless by Chelle Bliss

Series: Salvation Society
Published by  on September 6th 2020
Source: Candi Kane PR provided for review (gifted)
Genres:Contemporary MC
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I’ve always been a wild child and my own worst enemy.

Ditched by my best friend at a biker bar.
A broken Jeep in a new town with no one to call.
What else could possibly go wrong?

I’m Makenna Dixon, not a damsel in distress.
My parents taught me how to survive on my own.
But a handsome stranger thinks he’ll be my saving grace.
A challenge leads to a lip lock I can’t quite forget.

I always swore I’d never fall for an alpha like my father.
And Austin Moore is as bossy as he is sweet.
A wickedly sexy combination.
But beneath the cocky attitude is a man fighting the demons from his past.

I haven’t read any of the Men of Ink books before but definitely want to discover more of Austin and his family after getting a snapshot of them in this world . Makenna is young navy sailor who happen to find herself needing help from the hero after she gets stuck in a hard place.  Austin is older and wiser and it shows.

He seen the world and wants to remain free from responsibilities. However both of them get underneath their skins and things changed in a heartbeat. Bliss knows how to play the long game. These two know that they have a short time to get know each other so this story follow their journey in the early stages where they have to put things on full speed as Austin supposed to be in the area for a few weeks and Makenna is supposed to be off on tour soon.

Despite their glaring timing issues , you can see that there is going to be no barriers for these two . They manage to sail the treacherous waters in front of them and come out the other side. Happy as they can be . Bliss knows how to capture the attention despite the slow burn nature of this story. From start to finish Austin and Makenna know how to draw you in and fall in love just based on a moment of fate.

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