Faithless by Megan Green

Series: Salvation Society
Published by  on September 6th 2020
Source: Candi Kane PR provided for review (gifted)
Genres:Contemporary MC
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When life gives you lemons…
You better shield your eyes, because you’re about to get sprayed right in the face.

The day my wife sat me down and told me she wanted a divorce, I was certain things couldn’t possibly get any worse. Forty-eight hours later, I’d find out just how wrong I was.

Now, instead of being a divorced father of two, I’m a widower, left trying to pick up the pieces of my wife’s affair.

The last person I should turn to for help?
My wife’s estranged sister, Kate.

Kate is everything Felicity wasn’t. And no matter how wrong I know it is, I can’t help the attraction that sparks between us.

Felicity destroyed my faith in love. Will her sister be able to restore it?

Faithless is an emotional new standalone romance set in Corinne Michael’s bestselling Salvation Society world.

Faithless is  a story of redemption and find the faith when you lost it. It’s a beautiful story between a widower and the girl he should of married. The sister in law he was poisoned about, not knowing the truth

The heroine Kate is estranged from the  family because her family made her to be. Even before we truly get into her head, we see there is strong opinions floating around about her by the people that should be in her life .  However there is a shining light, Kate seems to be put together and well respected  in her career.

Shane is caught up in grief and I don’t blame his initial reaction to the situation. There is two sides to every picture and Kate lost her faith when she was young. They both reclaim theirs through finding love  and rebuilding the broken world they end up co-existing in.

  True colours show very quickly and it’s mostly smooth sailing with a bit a drama towards the climax to really make these two ready to face everything. Green wrote a beautiful journey and I do feel sometimes, you just need to take the time and wait . As true love can bring miracles like it did here.

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