Eligible Ex-Husband by Marie Johnston

The man in the magazine spread, the one dubbed the most eligible bachelor, is my ex-husband.
Six months ago, Simon’s company was never more successful, just like our marriage was never emptier. I was a stay-at-home mom with a sugar daddy who had no time to pass the sugar or be a daddy. I asked for a divorce and he let me go, just like that.
Now I’m mending my broken heart and finding myself while being a strong role model for our girls. But when my mom gets sick, I need help, and he’s there like a superhero in a tailored suit. And when my mom recovers, he’s still there, doing grocery runs and braiding our girls’ hair.
I don’t want to hang my hopes on my workaholic ex just because he’s suddenly wearing basketball shorts instead of designer threads, or because he’s giving me that look that melted my heart in college.
Chemistry was never our problem. I don’t want to trust that he’s changed only find out that once again I’m not worth fighting for. He needs to prove that he’ll be as ruthless about us as he is in the boardroom.

What if you had a second chance to fix your marriage. To make your problems solvable and make your love stronger. Johnson’s offering is different and refreshing in the realm of second chances. Simon and Natalie loved each other and still do. However Natalie wanted more just then his love. She wanted Simon to be there for her.

Fast forward to the present where the story picks up and we see Simon become the man that Nicole wished she had earlier. It opens the door the converstaion that they should have had earlier. It allows for miracle and magic to happen and you can guess the rest.

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