Deviated by Esther E. Schmidt

Series: Salvation Society
Published by  on September 6th 2020
Source: Candi Kane PR provided for review (gifted)
Genres:Contemporary MC
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They call her Princess. Growing up in a Motorcycle Club isn’t easy; growing up as the daughter of the president of the MC molded Esmee into the reckless and hardheaded woman she is. A complete dynamite, fighting for her place in a man’s world.

As a CIA agent, Cullen thrives on law and order. When he is charged with investigating the MC, he quickly realizes the Princess will be his way in. Yet, once he’s infiltrated, she leaves him no other option but to deviate from the path of law and order, and to see justice within reason. 

Not completely surprise the direction the author went with this novel as she seems to enjoy writing MC romances. The heroine is the princess of the club but isn’t any ordinary club. These are the guys you call in when you want to skirt the fine line and get justice  done.

Emee loves being the midst of things but after a mission went wrong. She has been sidelined by her father and she isn’t happen. Toss in a CIA agent that  is come to sneak out more information about sidelining her and Esmee isn’t happy.

Cullen been asked to report on the Broken Deed club which he isn’t totally happy about. He believes that they should toe the line like any other law official. However isn’t that simple because Esmee isn’t going to let Cullen sidetrack her any further.

There is explosion when these two met and honestly for most of the book  is these trying to avoid the tension in the room. It not easy given that these two are basically trying to do the same thing  and coming  at it  from different ends and wanting different outcomes.

It takes  Esmee to her limits before she realises what she is missing and Cullen provided to her that he could handle this princess and give her everything she dreams of and more .

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