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Release Date: September 22nd

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Before the school bell rang on September 1st, we were already falling in love.

Stories of September is a collection of sweet and sexy romance novellas from 10 best selling authors obsessed with falling in love.

Authors included are:

Fiona Cole

Willow Winters

Meghan Quinn

Skye Warren

Ella Fields

Jade West

K. Webster

Amelia Wilde

Trilina Pucci

Meagan Brandy

Stories of September are just that. Snapshots of September is  from a  group of authors who invite us into new and old familiar faces as  the go about their lives in September. This collection has no  connection aside from the month . So there is something in this collection for everyone. Every short story has is moment and  definitely  brings a different type of relationship to the table.

I devoured this collection as I wanted from these authors .The short stories were the perfect bite size read and  appealed to my  all my tastes in romance. This wasn’t a walk in the path , there was some confronting moments and there was some sweet moments. Each couple had their chance to be in the spotlight and introduced themselves , their way.

Some of these stories are introductions to characters that are getting books in the future so it best to read these stories blind if you truly want to experience everything. The highs and the lows of falling in love.

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