Bestselling Bastard by Nicole Rodrigues

The king and queen of romance–Jenna Watson and Lorenzo Graham. The “dirty duo” that makes you swoon, gets you hot and then melts your heart with the happily ever after.
Two newbie authors, one sketchy Instagram DM, a few phone calls, a drunken live video plotting out our next best seller and then BOOM!
Trending and on the radar of every publishing company in the industry, we make it–together. A best seller list, two literary agents and we’re cruising by for the next year…until we don’t.
Writer’s block hits and Lorenzo and I are forced to finally meet face to face, retreating to a cabin in the woods all weekend to bang out our next big hit. I don’t think our agents wanted us to bang out each other but that’s what happens. Over and over again on every damn inch of that cabin. Turns out those sexy scenes that Lorenzo writes have nothing on his real moves.
One weekend and then we’ll go back to being work partners, except nothing is the same. It’ll never be the same.


Ever imagine what happens behind close doors. How an author ever gets a book written. In this fiction tale we get just that with this dirty duo.
Rogrigues does what we all think and so much more in this book. The hero is the perfect cocky guy which works well for this partnership. Forced to met in person, their fictionalised world become reality and all the things come out in this book.

Their chemistry isn’t restrained any more and so the duo have too much fun and forced to face the music .

Definitely will be checking out more of Rodrigues in the future

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