Review:Truth (Scandals of Banner-Hill #1) by Cassie James

Title: Truth
Series: Scandals of Banner – Hill
Source: Author provided for review via TalkNerdy2Me (gifted)
Release Date:  August 11th 2020

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Truth or dare?”

Four years ago, an innocent game led a group of friends into the woods for a night of debauchery.

Two weeks later, one of them was dead.

Now, Natalie Adams wants nothing more than to forget what happened that night—and everything that happened after.

It’s easier said than done when a very public misstep lands her back at Banner-Hill, a place she swore she’d never step foot in again.

And she’s not the only one that’s back.

Logan and Killian are just down the hall, reminding her of everything she’d rather forget. Taunting her with everything they once had.

At Banner-Hill, the wealthy fight their demons—or indulge them.

Natalie Adams plans to do both.

Readers Beware: This book is a RH bully romance. If there are bad things to be done, these characters will be the ones to do them.

The Truth hurts right?
The brand new series from James is totally Pretty Little Liars vibes at first but there is much more to this story that meets the eyes.
Truth sets up the story of Natalie and her history with Banner Hill. It’s not pretty. However wherever there is a mystery, there is always a good story to be found and this story definitely going to bring a juicy one .
Nat is from a reality Tv dynasty family and always where there is dynasty to be found. There is plenty of secrets, Nat is no exception to the rule. This set up definitely appeals to the readers as everyone loves a bit of scandal whether they admit it or not. It’s the way we live in today society.

However behind the scandals and the glitz and glame is a young women seeking answers about the past that has shaped her into the person we see now. Nat is no pushover. She has built her self into a tank, she is not afraid of anything that flies her way.
It’s handy skill as Banner- Hill isn’t like majority of the other facilities that appear in this genre. This is hardcore and what behind the door is far from reality.

This was my first book from James and definitely lived up to my expectations. I love this combination of highschool with a twist. James definitely had me addicted this first instalment and loved how she slowly wore Nat down and made her realise her reality is from normal. Banner – Hill was a bundle of surprises and I can’t wait for more of this series.

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