Review:Cocky Carpenter by Maggie Mundy

Cocky Carpenter by Maggie Mundy

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on August 16th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR provided for review (gifted)
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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A year in Australia working as a doctor sounds like a great idea to Autumn. She can escape the cold English weather, her ex-husband and a stalker. A year to get her life back together and not have any romantic involvements.

‘Love them and leave them wanting’ is Brett’s motto. That is until he sees Doctor Autumn Blake. This lady just might get through that tough layer he has built around himself.

Can the sexual chemistry they feel be just that, or could it be more?

Is one year long enough for these two people to forget their pasts and grab onto a chance of love or will they lose it forever.

Another doctor romance but set in one of the beautiful regional settings in this country, The Blue Mountains. It’s the perfect setting for a romance and Mundy does it justice whilst telling the story of Autumn and Brett

Two souls escaping from their pasts and dealing with it in different ways. Their wounds are different but they recognise the pain that is there in each other and seek each other out company to help ease the burden and explore the attraction that won’t seem to go away.

They lap each other time and attention pretty quickly and it obvious these two will become each other worlds as they break down everything and discover that love can be permanent and erase old pains.

Cocky Carpenter was fun to an extent given the drama which made it serious on some fronts.

I felt the stalker angle was a tad too much given that they already had so much going on their plate. It was spot on for what I would expect in this situation but Autumn was dealing with already a lot in a short time frame and I don’t think we need a big bold declaration given everything else that gone on. It felt like these two were perfect two to put through the wringer given how much they had to sort out about their pasts and it kept cropping up constantly. As these two as a couple these two had plenty going for them and there was a strength there that allowed them to survive anything.

I do hope that this author writes in this beautiful setting again as I loved escaping to this location and exploring the location through a newbie perspective. Autumn may of come for one thing but found everything she could ever wanted here .

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