Review: The Sound of Serendipity by Cynthia A. Rodriguez

Emerson Kingsley fell in love on a Central Park bench.

After months of watching serial dater Maddox Bailey from afar, the quiet heiress couldn’t help herself.

She believes that the moment they meet will be spectacular—that she could be the one to slow him down—if she ever finds the nerve to speak to him.

Until the day the universe places them in the same New York City taxicab and Emerson realizes that her daydreams are too far from her reality.

When she learns Maddox is her newest employee at her father’s recording label, she fights her desires and tries to ignore his disarming smile.

But even Emerson can’t deny that real-life Maddox is better than anything she could’ve dreamed—sexy, passionate, and full of possibilities.

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Caught up in the moment,  this romance is whirlwind. It’s serendipity and  this story is beautiful

Emerson ’Emmy’ has been watching Maddox from afar  as she takes in the bustle of New York City from her Central Park bench. She watched Maddox and the gaggle of woman approach him , wanting to know him. As she curious to know the man she describes as  a serial dater.  Her view is important as we only see everything from her perspective.

Her voice is interesting  considering she thinks she could change him even barely knowing anything and life has other ideas when he ends up working for Kingsley Records her father company. .

Maddox pushes her and their age –gap relationship is what had me hooked. Emmy is still young and still star eyed it seemed when she made the statement that she could change him and make him the perfect man for her.

Beneath the tender age is a smart woman who has responsibility on her shoulders that she doesn’t shy away from. She admires Maddox healthy despite her statements and is interesting how when their world collides. Their relationship is slow despite being serendipity. He pushes Emmy into  making herself assertive and balances her weakness.

Their story is about waiting for the moment and exploring how love can make you stronger. It’s beautiful and I’m glad I finally picked up a book by this author.


Cynthia hates writing her own bio. In her down-time, you can find her watching movies, ranging anywhere from classic to action flicks (she has a weakness for Marvel adaptations), and reading any novel she can get her hands on.



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