Review: The Billionaire’s Princess by Ava Ryan

From the new fairy godmother of melting-hot romance, Ava Ryan, comes The Billionaire’s Princess, the first standalone in the Fairy Tale Billionaire series.

No one melts this ice princess but me.

Friday nights have a routine.
Drinks with my brothers. Maybe a casual hookup later.
Then the ice princess walks into the bar. And it’s game over for me.
I can’t figure her out. She runs hot and cold. She turns me inside-out.
I like to keep my one-night stands cut and dried–my ambitions outweigh my emotions every time. Until she disappears without a trace. And I discover her little secret.

She’s an actual princess.
I need more than one night from her. Much more.
A woman like that deserves the whole fairy tale. She deserves a charming prince.
Too bad I’m the one that’s going to earn all her happy endings…\

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I’m sucker for fairy tale inspired tales as who doesn’t want a happily ever after those fictional characters. Damon and Carly’s story was one of those where they instantly attracted at their first meeting  where Damon thinks she is an ice princess and the truth isn’t far off.

It feels like a headline  from the newspapers but Ryan makes this convicting and it was fun book as Damon is determined to make his mark and won’t let her get away despite learning her secret.

This was a fun version of a fairy tale where everything is  perfect, there is no hair out of touch and  issues get resolved very quickly.

With no drama around , this romance plays out like your heart desires and Ryan didn’t disappoint with giving a happily ever after for Damon and Carly.  They  got the ending we all secretly desired and  learned that life can be beautiful.

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