Review: Rebel Gods by Will Kostakis

Rebel Gods by Will Kostakis

Series: Monuments

Published by Lothian, Hachetted Asutralia on 25 August 2020

Genre: YA Fantasy

Source: Publisher provided for review (gifted)

Newbie gods Connor, Sally and Locky want to change the world, no biggie. When their first attempted miracle doesn’t quite go to plan, they find themselves at odds with their families, the media and each other. To make matters worse, they’re drawn into a centuries old conflict between the gods of Love and Fear that just might destroy the world they’re striving to make better.

Rebel Gods is the second book in the Monuments fantasy duology from YA superstar, Will Kostakis. It’s a heartfelt look at faith, friendship and how myths are born. 

Will Kostakis has done it again with the stunning sequel to Monuments, Rebel Gods which brings this series to a close.   Our trio Conner, Sally and Locky  are back trying to change the world they live in which has given them plenty of curveballs so far.   

Rebel God isn’t anything different, this felt like we hadn’t left these  characters alone. It picks up quietly  quickly and dives back straight back in their lives as they try to navigate the changes so far.

Their friendship has hit some rough moments already so with the mission turning to find the Rebel Gods. This book  looks closer at the  Rebel Gods who need to be destroyed but the trio are not on the same page on what to do next. Sally is spear hunting the search for answers.

Conner and Locky aren’t convince  and want to take things easy and live in the moment. Their relationship is goals and reminds me of previous characters of Kostakis. They are adorable together , willing to make time for each other and be there for their friendships which is the lightness this novel needed, given the whole world  could be destroyed.

Rebel Gods is the sort of book I love to see published. It’s  has a careful balance of fantasy and reality and works well together to deliver an entertaining story. If you haven’t picked up this series yet and adore Kostakis’s contemporary works. Do yourself a favour and get the series. This was heart warming as his other books, I loved Conner’s family and his mum acceptance of the situation. Their relationship was honest and real which was enormous given the situation that Conner was in and he was supported in his decisions which felt important.

Everyday people given  powerful responsibilities and watching them grow into the people we leave behind is satisfying and I do hope that Kostakis does write more fantasy as I adored the characters and the story.


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