Review: Back to Shore (Meade Lake, #1)by Taylor Danae Colbert


By Taylor Danae Colbert

Release Date: August 11

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When I was sixteen, I was madly in love with Ryder Casey.

He was kind, he was loving, he was everything. 

Then he killed my twin brother, the night before our seventeenth birthday. 

Accident or not, he crushed me in more ways than one. So I turned him away and never looked back. I haven’t forgotten. And I certainly haven’t forgiven. 

Now, I’m sort of a hot mess. I’m in between jobs, essentially homeless, and newly divorced. 

But as I try to put the pieces of my life back together, I know that Ryder’s the one that’s missing. I have to find him, and I have to forgive him. 

And when I do, I learn that he’s not exactly living the easiest life. He needs someone. He needs me. 

Despite everything, I know I should be there for him. But doing that means I’ll have to put our past behind us. 

And I’ll have to try my hardest not to fall back in love with the man who broke my heart beyond repair.

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Back to  Shore isn’t the run of the mill second chance story. This is angst pent up  romance that has been a number of years in the waiting. All on Mila’s shoulders should she chose to return to the Shore that changed her life forever  and made her into the woman we see at the beginning.

Mila is a feisty woman in her late twenties that trying to  sort out her life and rebuilt. She knows she found her soulmate at a tender age but it has been complicated  ever since the death of her twin brother which is an important part of this story. It’s her crutch and makes her believe she can’t forgive  Ryder. The one boy who was her world and still is no matter what  happens ever now in the present. 

Their story grips you from the start when  Mila tells you of her situation. A resigned Mila to a marriage that should of never happened. A hopeless soul who wants only one thing,  Her life back together but Ryder is missing piece that she can’t forget.

Heading to revisit the past means returning to Meade Lake a holiday town where  she is forced to revisit the past in order to forge a future . Ryder, who is everything she remembers and she is still wanting to know the man in front her despite the hate and the years apart.

She attracted to him like no other and when the truth starts to emerge about the years apart. The table turns and soon the hate is only a small part of this beautiful story.  Forgiveness can go a long way and Ryder is still the boy she remembers but the man she is presented  with, has a strength that is indescribable and  he has a compelling story to tell that entwines with Mila’s as the find their way.

Back to the Shore is the second chance story you need to read to change your mind about this cliché. This is beautiful written and captures you attention with this angsty romance. The only thing I wished is that the ending was a little more solid. It felt that we could have more time with Mila and Ryder given the circumstances.  As I felt like the magic was slightly gone which was disappointing as this prose was captivating and addicting to the dying moments.

Taylor has been writing since the tender age of seven, when her mother bought her her first typewriter. Once she finished her first work, a tall tale about a girl with hair that grew too fast, her father told her she should be published. And so, her lifelong dream of becoming a published writer was born. 

Taylor never thought of herself as a romance writer, but it turns out, she loves love. 

When she’s not chasing her kids, watching Impractical Jokers with her husband, running, or playing around with her two pups, she’s probably under her favorite blanket, either writing a book, or reading one. 

Taylor lives in Maryland, where she was born and raised. 

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