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“Prepare yourself for some sexy swoons!”—Catherine Cowles

Trust Me, a must read sexy standalone from USA Today bestselling author Grahame Claire is now available!

I’m done with love.

That’s why I’m back in the city I ran away from in the first place.

I swear the decision to stay has nothing to do with my new roommate and everything with what I left behind.

So what if I’m attracted to her?

She’s easy on the eyes. Smart. Driven.

And we’re on the same page when it comes to relationships: We don’t do them.

But our lives have quickly fallen in sync.

Too easily. Too seamlessly.

I’m laying down roots and making plans for a future I can’t see without her in it.

Sometimes I think I can’t live with her . . .

But what if I can’t live without her?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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You know the authors have a good thing going when you want to slap a side character.  I wanted to slap Marlow so bad when the story came out and we learned about everything about the Dixon Family’s past.

As Trust plays a huge part in this story. It’s something that Holt , the hero wants Baker to do. Put her Trust in a man , that she hardly knows.  It’s easier said than done given her past. This story is built around two pasts, that have had destroyed the leads in question and left them very vulnerable.

Both at different stages of healing, Trust Me opens up at  just the right moment. When these two are twisting and turning about their attraction. Playing the dangerous game of cat and mouse of pushing the buttons without falling . Baker isn’t ready  she thinks   that her issues mean she can’t have a man in her life romantically.

Until Holt pushes her button just once too many times and the wall start to break.  However it isn’t smooth sailing with them. The obstacles from their past start to pop up  and you have to wonder will they be able to break through and forge a future together. As much these two belong together, there is an air of despair around them. They are both constantly watching their own backs , hoping that they don’t have to deal with the pain that has had them running for so long.  I rooted for them  as they went through the weeks and we saw them at their high and low working to discover the precious gift of Trust.

This book started off as fun but by the end, I was love with their story to redemption . The path to that wasn’t easy and it was hampered by guilt that they had been forced on them. It’s a sweet confronting romance that I was happy to see got their HEA

This duo is a delight and definitely will be following this series as I want to know what happens with the Dixon family next.

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Grahame Claire is a USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance.

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