Review:Their Will Be Done (The Sinners of Saint Amos #2) by Logan Fox

Their Will Be Done

Series: The Sinners of Saint Amos

Source: Author gifted for review (Give Me Books PR)

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

I didn’t just make a deal with the devil…I sold my soul to FOUR of them.


Who knew within days of arriving at Saint Amos I’d land myself on the Brotherhood’s radar?

Not me.

Not them.

Possibly not even the Universe herself. (Of course she’s female – I’ve never met a man as ruthless as her)

The Brotherhood tried to get rid of me. It didn’t work.

They tried to get me on their side. I demanded proof.

I should be long gone. Instead, I can’t seem to get enough of their black hearts and dark psyches.

Now I have to prove them wrong.

Settle their fractured souls.

And maybe help them find their way back to the light.


They seem convinced I’ll be the one who’ll follow them…

Straight into the depths of Hell.

An #uncoventional love story with a #whychoose twist

Contains strong language, violence, and sexual situations some may find triggering.

This is the second book in the Sinners of Saint Amos series. Cannot be read as a standalone and ends in a cliffhanger.

No cheating. HEA guaranteed. 

Talk about a plot twistttttttttttttttttt
Their Will Be Done takes us back to the dark seduction world of Saint Amos where Trinity and the guys continue to delve in to the dark mystery that hangs over the group of them.

Immediately after finishing the first book, I dove into this one as how could I sleep on that ending. This book explore the growing tensions between everyone. It reveals quite a few secrets that explains things and allows readers to gain understanding about the men.

It also reveals a lot about the connections between Father Gabriel and Trinity. It opens up Trinity’s eyes and this book delves into the abuse and neglect. We see the triggers and Fox opening our mind to what really has been happening behind close doors.
The four guys really shine in this novel. Trinity is naive toy still to them and she in the middle. She wants ,she craves the darkness they offer. Rubern becomes a surprising shoulder to lean on but it is all crack up to be. Given the guys take her on a sensual journey that she may never want to leave.

Trinity is a good girl playing a dangerous game and we discover just some of the true intention of Father Gabriel. This second instalment was a fountain of knowledge and that ending was painful in a good way. It left me wanting to come back and start the end instalment but sleep is calling

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