Review:Heartbreaker by Julie Kriss

Heartbreaker by Julie Kriss

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on July 19th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR provided for review (gifted)
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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Holden Whittaker broke my heart when I was eighteen. What kind of guy stands up his prom date and leaves her hanging, waiting for him to show up? A total jerk, that’s who.

Never mind. I left my tiny nowhere town and moved to New York to follow my dream of becoming an actress.

Ten years later, my dream hasn’t happened, and I’m working as the office supply girl at Morgan Financial Holdings, doing my best to keep my paycheck and not get fired by the world’s most terrifying boss. Life couldn’t get much worse, until I get stuck in an elevator and guess who comes to rescue me? In a city of eight million people, it’s Holden.

Turns out he’s moved to New York, too, to be an EMT. I don’t want to see my teenage nemesis as one of the good guys, but he’s out saving lives every day, and he’s still gorgeous and cocky. I could fall for him all over again, and that’s a problem. Because it’s only a matter of time before Holden crushes me again.

My hometown heartbreaker isn’t the guy I left behind anymore. If I could stop hating him, I might belong with him. The question is, which one of us will get hurt first?

Literally devoured this second chance romance between two young adults who missed their chance in high school and come crashing back into each other’s lives in the most unfortunate way.
Mina Marple said goodbye to her small town and moved to New York for her dreams. She re-built up her broken heart and lives through romance novels.
She hasn’t gotten time for men. Holden Whittaker destroyed her and she isn’t still over it And when opporunity presents herself to revoke some revenge ten years later she does so in hilarious fashion and opens up a can of worms.

It’s easy to see that Mina isn’t over Holden and is lost at first. She wants to forgive but I love how she is petty for her revenge. She built up the problem for only ten years and poor Holden
Holden is pretty persistent guy and I love how he worked his way back into her life and made up for everything that happened.

It’s not a pretty reason why he stood up and he has been ashamed about it as Mina was the girl that got away. So he does his best to get rid of the Heartbreaker title and win her back.

This was sweet and they were so wholesome despite their pasts. I love tenderness between these two and I wanted more. This was too fast for my liking as these two need more drama so I could swoon longer. As the drama was good what we did get and made everything tied up so well. Kriss has a new fan here and I want more of this writing this book. She had both of them down to a pat and evoke the full range of emotions whilst I read this book . 

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