Review:Feisty (Do-Over,#3) by Julia Kent

Series: Do-Over
Published by  on January 28th 2020  by Prosaic Press,
Source: Give Me Books PR provided for review (gifted)
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I’m not too proud to admit that finding Mr. Right involves swiping right. Right? Welcome to dating in avocado toastland.

Here I am, on my first blind date, ever, courtesy of a smartphone app and my two annoying best friends.

So what is Chris “Fletch” Fletcher doing, walking across the room, looking at his phone like he’s pattern matching a picture to find a real person he’s never met before?


Oh, no.

The guy I drop-kicked in seventh grade cannot be my blind date. The guy who earned me this infernal nickname.

That’s right.


More from New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent as Fiona “Feisty” Gaskill gets her chance at love – drop-kick included.

The third instalment in the this standalone series. Brings together Fletch and Feisty who have been dancing around their attraction for so long neither of them can act about it until they get a unexpected kick in the right direction.

Fiona is the brawn of the group so to speak. Her nickname doesn’t have a unfortunate story like Mal or Perky. She just happened to dropkick a boy she hate in middle school and taught him a lesson. However that lesson hasn’t been forgotten. She become a go-getter not afraid of finding her Mr Right.

However what if he is under her nose the whole entire time.
Feisty and Fletch were obvious choice for a do -over. Fletch was wanting a chance as an adult but Feisty had to do things her way.
She wasn’t going to sit down and let him do some wooing. She was going to find her man and use every resource possible. Especially she become famous in her own way thanks to a sneaky video leak.

Feisty was stubborn. She wasn’t going to listen to the unviserse telling her to stop and listen. This girl had to do things her way and it may nearly come crashing down until she realises the truth. It’s all good nature fun. Feisty wasn’t my favourite out of this friendship but I loved her comradeship with the girls. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and try anything. The children in this book were adorable and little too aware it seems for 4 years but they added a sweet touch to this story and I could connect on that level working with children. Do wonder hwo Hasty is going o get her HEA as the moments we seen of her were definitely interesting.

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