Review:Devrim’s Discipline (Court of Paravel #1) by Brianna Hale

Title: Devrim’s Discipline

Series: Court of Paravel, Book One

Author: Brianna Hale

Genre: Contemporary Steamy Romance

Release Date: July 28, 2020

Cover Design Credit: Maria @ Steamy Designs

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I was imprisoned for twenty-seven years for the crime of defending my King. Now I’m a free man, and I rule the Court of Paravel once more. The lords and ladies, the debutantes, the great and the good of Paravel all answer to me.

And yet, social upstart Wraye Rugova is ruining my life.

Lady Wraye is attempting to use my daughter Aubrey as a springboard into the upper echelons of the court. When I find her in my house trying on Aubrey’s clothes, no amount of pleading will move my ironclad heart. Decades may have passed, but I remember how to punish a disobedient young lady.

 She’s deceived everyone with ease, but now she’ll face the hardest ordeal of all. Devrim’s discipline.

 This is going to sting.

Author’s note: This book contains a Daddy Dom relationship with a thirty-two-year age-gap.

Earlier this year I read a Hale book and was captivated by the story and the style of writing. Hale wrote a beautiful story that happened to have a DD/LG relationship in it. It was an important part of the story but it wasn’t the only defining aspect of the story.

To stay the least I was excited she was back doing royal inspired series which involves some pent up frustrated heroes who have been caught up in a royal coup. I was captivated by the cover. It’s been a while where I read a story of a older man and younger woman where it’s not over the top drama and insta. It’s a game and this one is delightfully fun and entertaining.

Parvel has just returned to its former glory after 27 years and Devrim is in his element. He is force to be reckoned with  and Wraye just pushes his buttons unintentionally.  She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and Devrim is just caught up in this brazen beauty. Wraye wants nothing to do with him given his reaction to her but that is the chase that this Daddy Dom is all ready for.

Wraye is wiser when it came to the matters that truly mattered.  She wasn’t ready for the chemistry and Devrim need a firm hand to convince her. She was truly a friend first to Aubrey his daughter who has a role in this romance.   She didn’t want to be prim and proper for her mother. She wanted to be free to live her own life. Devrim has other ideas about that and his ways are convincing.

Their  relationship started of course being all about the chemistry and lust but Devrim seemed to have ulterior  motives in his subconscious. It was fast once they got on the same page and their scenes in the bedroom where spicy.

Wraye quickly picked up the mood and idea behind the concept and she was delight as partner to Devrim. She knew despite her tender years what was best and  she was ready for it.  The first book in this new series was fun and enjoyed the royal take on this relationship.  As who doesn’t love a bit a scandal in the courts.

It does have the typical charm of the courts which is the background to this romance and perfectly suited for these two .  Throwing out the rules and letting love rule is always fun and this story delivers a heartwarming story that I would expect from Hale.

Author Bio:

There’s nothing Brianna Hale likes more than a large, stern alpha male with a super-protective and caring streak, and when she’s not writing about them she can usually be found with a book, a cocktail, planning her next trip to a beautiful location or attending the theatre. She believes that pink and empowerment aren’t mutually exclusive, and everyday adventures are possible. Brianna lives in London.

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