Review:Dangerously by M. Never


Release Date: July 6, 2020
Cover Design: Cover Me Darling LLC

Genre: Romantic Suspense with dark elements

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I’m known as many things— A hunter. A killer. A lone red wolf.

A femme fatale caught between two men.
One a ruthless Boston crime boss who wants to steal my freedom.
The other an Irish gun for hire who demands my loyalty.
Both are my enemy.
Both are dominant. Deadly. And dangerously seductive.

When I’m forced to choose between them the stakes get higher. The consequences become deadlier. And the lone red wolf goes from hunter to hunted.

In a world where trust is an expensive currency, I need to be smart. Kill anyone who gets in my way. And protect the people I love no matter the cost.

They don’t call me dangerous for nothing… 



Twisted and deliciously dark.

Dangerously is the story of Fallon and Dex two individuals whose lives are constantly on the go trying to stay one step ahead of their world. It’s a high stake world they live in and comes with the nature of the business.

Until their lives come colliding at pivoting point for them and one other character which this book follows over a  number of years   Chaotic doesn’t even begin to describe this book.  The story is full of twists that you can see and others you can’t . Tied together by an assignment, Fallon and Dax are connected in a way that makes them unforgettable to each other.  Through thick or thin they are tied together by the third character and their dynamics are electrifying. Each turning the cog wheels in their favour to get the result they want.

Love or Death.

Either way it’s not pretty in this game.

It’s been  a few years since I read a book by this author and this book was departure from the other book I read. 

 It’s not a straight forward triangle there are high stakes in this game.  It’s constant game of cat and mouse , following these two through the game as the tables are turned and they are force to think on their feet.

It’s not a  typical romance per say. It’s hot and fast based on attraction and the aftermath is where it truly only builds into something that neither of them can figure out and forget

Never is meticulous in her writing. She leaves no stone untouched with the lone wolf and gun for fire whose  paths come together in a trail of glory.  Told both POV , it allows to see how each other views things and how they play game. This was dark and living life on the edge compared to her other book I read. It’s something different from this author as she brings these together with  guns and death trailing behind them. Perfect for this couple who enjoy living life on the edge


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M. Never, the author of dark, contemporary and ménage romance. All my stories have addictive heroes, fierce heroines, hot sex, and page turning plots.

A little about me, I love the color black, I’m dependent on coffee, sushi, sweatpants, boots, and watermelon Perrier. I have a clingy pit bull named Apache, and a needy pitsky names Kai!

Writing is my passion, but readers are my love! Suggested reading– Owned, Ghostface Killer or Slashes in the Snow!


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