Review:Cocky Striker by Evan Grace

Cocky Striker by Evan Grace
 Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on July 19th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR provided for review (gifted)
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Some say I’m cocky — I say I’m confident.

Things have always come easy for me; sports, academics…girls. And I’ve used all of that to my advantage the past three years of college.
I’ve got it all, or at least I thought I did until Laken walks into my life.
I’ve never desired a relationship like my parents have, but there is some mysterious pull I feel toward this brunette I’ve noticed around campus.
And with each interaction we have, I long to know her more. Yet the closer we get, the harder she resists and the higher the walls go up.
I sense there’s something more – a secret she’s hiding – one she doesn’t trust to share with me yet.
But she will, if I have my way, and I’ll do anything if she’ll take a chance on me. On us. I grew up hearing the story of how my parents met, their separation, how my dad fought for them, and their happily ever after. I just never expected or wanted to find that for myself.
Now that I have I don’t want to ever let them go.

But when I’m given the opportunity of a lifetime after graduation, will the offer of my heart be enough for her to accept? Or will I lose her forever?

This story is about Chance and his last year of college. It’s something  refreshing as it allows to return to Batemans once again but with a different perspective on the beloved family.

Chance is a free agent in every way. He  plays the game but is wiser. He has a future planned once he finishes college that allows him to keep a foot in the sport world. What he doesn’t expect is Laken

Laken is a fellow senior in college and she has bit of history behind her with her family. It’s perfect pairing as we all know Audrey and Chance Sr.  and their family well so the new arrival was perfect addition to the family.

For a new adult romance, it didn’t felt cliché or been there and read it. It’s sweet and uphold the true values of  this family we know.  The leads were both relatable and honest in their own ways about themselves. It was  refreshing to see them  become wiser over the course of their relationship and change the younger Chance for the better. He became more then the big man on campus who the girls wanted and  became  responsible young man.

His transformation  and his own journey is the perfect way to see the younger Bateman become his own character. Grace delivered what I wanted for him. She did justice honouring his parents and giving the next generation a story that is  memorable  in it’s own way.  

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