Review: French Wanker by Victoria Pinder

French Wanker by Victoria Pinder

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on July 19th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR provided for review (gifted)
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Why couldn’t a sexy Frenchman be the way to nurse a broken heart on a honeymoon for one? The question plagued me, and part of me figured he was just what the doctor ordered!
On the steps of the Eiffel tower, the hottest man I’d ever seen referred to himself as a wanker on the phone and a surge of heat grew inside me.
And why did British slang suddenly sound like a name in my fantasies?
When Mr. Wanker shows up on my train to Italy, we make a deal that he’ll take me to Monte Carlo and then we can continue onto Rome, together.
My lonely honeymoon for one is now heating up.
And the more time I spend with my Mr. Wanker, the stronger my fantasies of tossing everything and moving to Europe play out in vivid color in my mind.
Falling in love wasn’t supposed to be a part of this vacation. Reality always ruined fairy tales…

This one is a bit crazy. Kara and Quentin happen to be in Paris at the same spot at the same time. They share a moment that need of them want to forget and go their separate ways. It’s seems to be just caught up with the romantic vibe of Paris.
Hence where the title come from as Kara wants to leave things impersonal as she isn’t going to see this guy again right?
Well fate has other ideas and this book follows them over the course of their fast relationship. It pretty much all about them at this point and their pasts. Quentin is all poor me carrying the pain of two major events in his life that he believes that he is responsible for .

Both of them have come out of relationships for different reasons and they aren’t looking for one supposedly. However chemistry makes them explore when fates bring them together again and it seems they are travelling on the same road.

This fast paced,it’s literally seemed like everything happened in a week and a bit. Literally these two throw caution to the wind and let their feelings take control of their lives. It makes for some messy moments that seem just to come right for them as the ending is anything to judge by.

There is one particular chapter in this book that made me go what just happened . It seemed a little too crazy given that the people involved where secondary and minor characters to story tied to the past of the leads. It seemed out of place and an excuse for Quentin and Kara to evaluate things and make one of the only sensible decisions they make in this romance. It’s entertaining but it seemed a little too heavy handed given everything else but then this was supposed to be a quick moment between two people who are hurting.
It’s a redemption novel that doesn’t quite meet the mark with some loose ends. It’s a novel that light and enjoyable for those want a change from the alpha males who are too cocky for their own good.

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