Review: Cocky Doc by Samantha Lind

Cocky Doc by Samantha Lind

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on July 19th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR provided for review (gifted)
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

I was minding my own business at my new job as a child life specialist when the sexiest doctor in the hospital fell into my lap… literally.
He was every woman’s fantasy, the Adonis in a white coat was charming, not to mention brilliant.
Dr. Andrew “Drew” Montgomery was quite the catch, not the usual type of guy who I’d expect to fall for a woman like me. 
The first man who saw past my wheelchair, Drew was also the first man I could see myself settling down with. 
We started dating, and everything seemed fine, but something was holding him back, Drew was married to his job and he carried the weight of his namesake. A name I wasn’t sure I could live up to. 
I meant to keep my guard up, but it was no use. I was in over my head the moment his gorgeous blue eyes thoroughly examined me. 
I knew my body was in good hands, but could I trust my heart with the cocky doctor? 

I didn’t want this book to end. Some of my favourite books so far from this world have all been inspired by British Bedmate. Now I have another favourite inspired by this novel.

Lind has written a sweet romance between a doctor and a CLS who met by chance when he literally crashes into her. Megan is a sweetheart, she isn’t afraid of her limitations , she is a go getter. She was perfect for her role as CLS and I loved that everyone saw that she was perfect for the role. She was the rock in this novel and I love that everyone saw past the obvious.

It’s not the typical meidcal romance and whilst they are colleagues they are pretty professional. I love the insight Lind gave into both of their roles allowing both of them to appreciate their partner’s job.

There was no hold backs in this romance, Lind was honest in the way she created Megan. Megan may live life differently but it didn’t stop her from having fun in the bedroom.

I wouldn’t really call Drew cocky, he knows he is good but he is so sweet to Megan. He self sabotage himself in their relationship. He questions whether Megan will stay by him saying he works to hard. Megan knew the lifestyle and she was the rock in this relationship. She always pushed for him to be better and realise what he was doing to their relationship.

It was sweet and fun , something different without being forced in your face. Lind has a talent for writing strong characters like Megan who we need more of. 

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