Review:Royal Pain by Leslie Pike

Royal Pain by Leslie Pike

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 14th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

The only thing harder than being a royal? Falling in love with one.



As a political blogger living in Manhattan, I have no time to date. My few free hours are spent with best friend Soraya, and her husband Graham. Love has no place in this equation.

Then Prince Zan walks into the coffee shop. He’s confident and different from other men, making it clear from our first conversation royal lineage won’t stand in his way.

I know better than to be carried away by green eyes and soft lips.

But if that’s the case, how did I end up in his bed?



My dark past is a nightmare I can’t escape from. It was anything but easy to become a royal.

Then I met Belinda. She might be a commoner, but there’s nothing at all common about this woman. One look is all it takes. Maybe if I bring her to my homeland she’ll be under its spell too.

But the differences between our two worlds seem impossible to overcome. I refuse to ignore my duty and passion for my people, and Belinda won’t abandon her career.

The right woman or destiny? Whatever it takes, I’m determined to have both.




Royal Pain is another steamy edition to the Cocky Hero Club series by author Leslie Pike. Opposites attract in this royal romance of choosing between love and duty. Follow your heart by devouring this passionate love story today!

There a lot going on with this political/royal romance. Two very different worlds come together by chance and magic happens. However it’s never smooth sailing and this romance is juicy to say the least.

Zan spots Belinda and makes a move that seems very typical of a royal . Yet there something intriguing about his moves. He may think like a hot blooded male but you soon learn there is more to this prince.

A prince amongst princes , he quickly shows that he isn’t in it for a bit of fun. Belinda shows her true colours and how she may be a reporter but she knows the time and place. Her dignity is something is rare given her background as reporter and the fact the family is in tough situation.

Royal Pain is not what I expected given the title. This book was everything I love about troopes and more.

Pike’s take on royal romance was they were sure about their relationship the entire time was positive thing and showed that you can fight anything even when things are stacked against you. The others questioning was coming out place of love. Belinda and Zan knew they had something special and were willing to work together to overcome the barriers they faced being from two different worlds. It allow for creativity with the unknown being put into play and forcing their hands . It’s was not the tough as nail world that I expected given the connection to the political and royal world

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