Review:Bossy Bastard by J.L. Perry

Bossy Bastard by J.L. Perry
Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 14th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

ASHTON BARCLAY, or as I like to call him, Mr. B. for Bossy, is fast becoming the bane of my existence.
After running into him, literally, he’s now popping up everywhere, and somehow managing to weave his way into my life.
He’s egotistical, smug, and so ridiculously good-looking it should be illegal—he’s way too hot to handle. I don’t do hot, those type of guys are more trouble than they’re worth. Although, I’d secretly love to do him.
We’ve kissed once—it was smokin’, and led to me dry humping his leg in front of the entire club like a shameless hussy. Oh, and did I mention I deep throated his thumb within seconds of meeting him, and I didn’t even know his name. Apparently, I have issues. Big ones.
He makes me do things I never imagined myself doing.
He makes me feel things I’m not comfortable feeling.
It just wouldn’t work, even if I wanted it to. Between us, we have more baggage than a carousel at LAX airport.
He’s everything I want, but can never have.
Or so I thought.

Perry’s previous book was one that you couldn’t forget .  Bossy Bastard is her first release after a long break and has been worth the wait for her next book.  It’s a typical romance story from the author who knows how to tug on your heart strings  with their sweet moments and  then nearly destroy your heart in the process of bring her couples together

This is the story of Emma and Ashton, two opposites who happen to meet by chance and  have an incredible story that is told over the period of the book. Their story is no easy  story. It’s not straight road to romance, there is plenty twists in their road

Despite the title of Bossy bastard happily given to Ashton by Emma at first and he honestly , our hero is a bastard and not  the most thrilling guy that Emma has met at first. There was something more to him. There a reason why Perry is loved for her heroes like Ashton. There always a tender side to him. And we slowly saw that over time, as Emma became involved in his world first by force and then by choice.

They had their highs and lows, there was the moments that threaten to  destroy your hope.  There was always something coming that would change  your perspective about things happening.

But in the end there was a ending that made everything right in the world again .Perry took me on a journey nothing less then what I expected. There is a reason why she known to wreck reader’s hearts and this book reminds me why I love her writing.

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