Review: Vengeful Bastard by Nicole Dykes

Vengeful Bastard by Nicole Dykes

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 28th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Sean is a normal guy. Has a great job as a photographer. Drives a new car, but not overly flashy. Has his small group of friends.
Yeah he’s just your run of the mill average Joe.
Except, is anyone really all that normal?
The secrets Sean harbors run deep. Stemmed from agony deep inside and a thirst for vengeance.

Melody is perceived as the beautiful spoiled princess that fell for a beautiful, confident stranger many years ago.

Two polar opposites. One night that changed everything without either of them knowing it.

Can love conquer all? With the help from a mysterious stranger, Adele. Who you may all know from a certain Cocky character’s life. Unlucky in love herself. Anything is possible.

***This book is in conjunction with the Cocky Hero Book Club with Adele and maybe some of your other favorite Cocky characters guiding these characters through their journey.

This is a second chance romance of two young people who have been burnt by their past in very different ways.

Sean grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and used his charms to get the pretty rich girls. He was the use them and leave them type. Melody was one of those girls and he has regretted it ever since it happened and now she came back into his life in an unexpected way.

Sean has always been vengeful because of his path and this story opens up as we find these two on a road trip with a few others. As the road trip inches toward their destinations, you see old wounds open up and they both reflect on the past that brought them. The truth hurts and makes you appreciate the story behind Sean and Melody. It’s years in the making but it’s time to see if they can work things out.
It’s short but Dykes is straight to the point and uses a familiar character to sort things out .The real magic happens once Adele opens up the chest and gives her thoughts. It’s not an overnight thing and Dykes make sure to dive into the wounds before letting them heal and figure out a future.

One thing about this story did nag me. It felt like there was a backstory with secondary characters. It seem like Sean and Melody had been crossing paths prior to this story. I would like to know what that is about and hopefully there is a book explaining this backstory and the other characters’ history. As Dukes can write a heart wrenching story and her side characters just added a little too much not to notice them.

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