Review: Unruly Defender by Esther E. Schmidt

Unruly Defender by Esther E. Schmidt

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 14th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

A vow of justice.
A breach of silence.
A heart fueled by vengeance.
It all consumes the life of one Unruly Defender.
The first thing Eddie swore when he walked out of prison was that justice would prevail. He didn’t throw the first punch that landed him in prison, but he will make sure this time, he will be the last one to strike.
The twists and turns of Gracelynn’s life ended when she found new friends along with the perfect job. That is until the owner shows up and tips the balance of her life in a frustrating, and eventually dangerous way.
With every heartbeat Eddie gets closer to unraveling a secret that took lives, and in the end will risk the woman who touched his heart. Life is full of surprises and unknowingly crossed paths, but emotions and vengeance are bound to collide into a deadly explosion. Will Eddie be the one coming out on the losing side again or is he willing to give up the one thing he wants more than his next breath? Vengeance or love? Justice or death? In the end, the choice might not be his.

This is Eddie’s story.  The Eddie we heard about in passing from Chase . The  cellmate who had time to serve after Chase got out . Well Eddie’s story is what I expected from the moment I open the first few pages.  A MCer who got mixed up in something that he didn’t know about at the  time and is determine to solve the way he know best.

This felt a typical MC romance but Cocky Hero style . It’s was a rich girl wanting something more then the cookie cutter guys from the rich scene. It’s a storyline that I have seen time after time again in the genre and  I love how this played to the strengths of the genre. 

This was my first in a while from this sub genre and I loved being  back in this genre. Eddie was the typical MC with take no prisoner approach . It was an instant love story more on his side and he knew how to make Grace see his side of things.

He told her and whilst I’m not always a fan of this . It worked to an extent for this story given that it was an instant love story and there was so much  going on.  Grace had her own issues as well coming from the world of rich and waiting to make her own way. They worked well and enjoyed the ride to their HEA.

It was an interesting addition to this world to say the least.

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