Review: Undercover Agent by Heather Slade

Undercover Agent by Heather Slade

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 14th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Resisting a cocky undercover agent is her mission impossible…
It was one night,
A night of pure passion and desire,
A night I will never forget.
But she walked out,
And I never stopped thinking about her.
And now, she’s back
Within reach.
And again, she’s off-limits,
Belongs to someone else,
One of my men.
Teaming up with her to take down
Those who threaten our freedoms
Seems like a perfect way to get close to her,
But there’s more at stake than ever before.
I never forgot him.
He was—is—everything.
But the timing was off;
I had more happening in my life than I could handle.
And now, with him right there,
I can feel how much I’ve missed:
His touch, his scent, his taste.
Except, there’s more on the line
Than a love affair.
We have to keep it professional.
But can I do that when
I need so much more from this undercover agent?

One night stand that turns into dangerous spy game in this second chance romance story. Undercover Agent is a romance with a difference.  Lennox /Lyn is  on the case of a missing agent that he been tasked to find.

Simple enough given that it’s something that MI6 tend to have problems given the spy game. However this story is far from simple when his past and present collide when he sees Emerson again.

Savage definitely brought a unique story to this world and one of my favourite so far. I love a good romantic suspense story and this one was good one.  Emerson is caught up something that you don’t know what.  That is the beauty of a suspense story like this and Savage played it out well.  

In truth spy fashion this story comes together with some action and surprise. Everything happens for a reason and builds the great story at hand. The romance is always burning and allows readers to experience the inner work of Savage’s spy organisations by showing and not telling.

Emerson and Lynn ‘s romance was not always smooth sailing and it’s accurate for a story like this. Given that there was hidden agendas and something sinister at play , the romance  plays out to the dying pages and of course the good guy gets the girl. Definitely want to read more of Savage after reading this book

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