Review: Scandalous Scotman by MJ Fields

Scandalous Scotsman by MJ Fields

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 28th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

One trip down the stairs, caused by a lone Lego, while wrapped in a towel, spewing a plethora of profanities, and my cell phone went flying.
I landed on my ass, and then the ER.
Between those two occurrences was a FaceTime call, placed by a bouncing phone, to the number of a man I didn’t even truly look at, who had now seen more of my body than anyone had since my Tinder days, over a year ago.
Three declined calls later, I limped out the door to get myself to the ER before starting my hectic day.
The ER was packed, but when I saw Nurse Bridget, one of my students’ mothers, I pleaded my case, and she hurried me into an examination room.
An hour later, I left on crutches with a bruised ass, a fractured ankle, and an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon at four p.m.
Arriving fifteen minutes late for that appointment, I heard the sexy yet very brash accent of a man who clearly had an obsession with punctuality and had, apparently, no bedside manner.
Dr. Ethan Stewart, tall, copper-haired, sinfully sexy … was a total ass.
After a tongue-lashing about how irresponsible I was to, first, leave the ER with such an injury, and second, be late, I put him in his place … or so I thought.
Turned off by his arrogant attitude, turned on by the roguish glint in his green eyes and the way he spoke, I left his office a hot … and wet mess.
Upon exiting, my phone rang again. It was the same number from before, and I couldn’t help answering to give the caller a piece of my mind.
Once in my car, I hung up, tossed my phone on the passenger seat, and then looked out the window to see him with his phone to his ear and a grin spread across his far too handsome face.
It couldn’t be …
Could it?

An Outlander obsessed fan meets an jerk of a doctor who may just be the one for her in this standalone from Fields.
Elizabeth’Lizzie’ is having a bad start to summer. Finally got her first classroom and she but she has a series of events that leads her to met Dr Ethan James Stewart who instantly rubs her the wrong way.

Despite this obvious tension between these two that only seems to get worse but the banter they are having, reveals a growing sexual tension that quite can’t seem to go away. As the two unpack themselves across the pages, we start to get a real sense of these two. Lizzie is diehard Outlander fan who believes that magic can solve anything and it does in this novel. Ethan takes some convincing to see the ‘magic’ and reveal his full story. It’s a story that grew on me and made enjoy by the end to an extent the Scottish elements that was weaved into the story.

This story obviously has to be a bit over top on purpose as who names their character Elizabeth Bloom and have such a strong accent hero after being in the USA for a number of years. Aside from that humour, there is a sweet story that takes up the second half of the novel that really touched my heart. This is the redeeming factor of this book, if you can see past the first half of the novel. It’s when the characters truly let their hair down and seize the moment. And get too comfortable with each other

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