Review: Jilted Jock by Rebecca Jenshak

Jilted Jock by Rebecca Jenshak

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 28th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

He was someone who belonged on the cover of Sports Illustrated instead of in my small beach town.
A sexy, cocky Australian soccer star named Finn was the last person I expected to be living with for two weeks.
He showed up at my brother’s house on his wedding night, hot, drunk, and very much not married. Next thing I knew, we were roommates, spending nights watching TV and getting to know one another.
Those two weeks turned into more than either of us bargained for.
He was fresh off a broken heart and I had a boyfriend.
I wasn’t supposed to fall for the jilted jock, especially when I knew we’d be going our separate ways.
All good things must come to an end, right?
Except he’s not letting me go without a fight.

Always searching for the sport romances that given a little something extra and Jenshak’s offering did just that.
Everyone knows Adele ‘s back story and Jenshak doesn’t shy away from it . Adele has moved on with a boyfriend and built her life back up. However when she meets Finn by chance. The rest is history they say

Getting to that point, is what makes this story sing. Finn is a young hot soccer player who had his world torn apart. He isn’t the stereotypical sport player. He gave his heart away to the girl he thought would be by his side for life.

Instead Finn left a world of pain and drowning in his sorrows. He lost everything in an instance in his eyes. Until Adele worms her way into his thoughts and his mood quickly changes. Two weeks it all it takes for them to capture each other attention but there is an end. Finn has other ideas though. This book follows that journey, from the highs to the low of love. Finn isn’t one for jerk moves. He wants to be honest and embrace the problems. He isn’t perfect by any means but this alpha male has a tender side that makes him so perfect for Adele and her insecurities over her past.

The past doesn’t define you and Jilted Jock showed how you can rise up out of the ashes. Jilted Jock was everything I look for in a sport romance. Diving past the surface and bring the story of Finn and Adele in its rawest form. Brutal and honest and this won’t be the last I read from this author after telling their story so brilliantly.


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