Review: Hired Hottie by Kelsie Rae

Hired Hottie by Kelsie Rae

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 28th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Levi McCoy took me under his wing when we were kids. He was my protector. My best friend. My everything.
And I was his sidekick.
When he landed an internship at Montague Enterprises, I was thrilled. Hundreds of people had applied, and Levi and his roommate had made the cut. There was just one problem. Only one of them would be offered the permanent position.
That’s when things got messy. 
The two bargained for the final job offer, using me as their pawn.
And I fell for it. The scheming. The stolen kisses. The late night texts. My heart was being torn in two, and neither one of them cared. I was nothing but a pretty face to one of them, and an easy target for the other.
All good things must come to an end, right? Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming. Hell, it should’ve never started in the first place.

Bit torn over this book with the way it’s presented as the whole concept made want to question if Levi was just a player who hasn’t grown up yet.
However that is far from the case. Levi just a little caught up with protecting those he cares about you soon find out.

Charlie and Levi have been best friends since they were little. You probably think how have they not gotten together .
Well Levi hasn’t seen what’s in front of him and when he does it maybe a little too late. Charlie is always been the little sister to him and even now at the beginning of the book. He wants to protect her from the childhood memories that haunt her.

At some point he needs to let Charlie be herself as this girl knows how to handle herself. She is stubborn and not afraid to speak her mind. Charlie isn’t afraid of hard work and she is the shinning light through the novel. But will she look past Levi’s mistakes and accept his love

This is my first book from Rae and I didn’t know what to think after I read the blurb. Rae did win me over though so I can say that she can write convincingly. It’s light hearted and fun flirty romance that has has the whole pawn angle hovering. It doesn’t work any favours with Charlie, considering she a young woman with insecurities that are field by media perspectives on bodies.

If you can see past, the whole issue of Charlie being used as a pawn. There is a wonderful story waiting to be discovered. Levi isn’t too bad, he just made a judgement of error that he need to fix asap. It took some advice from a familiar person to do the right thing and then the rest is history if they can put everything aside and find a future together. 

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