Review: Flick (King’s Descendants MC #2) by Bella Jewel

Published by  Bella Jewel
Source: Give Me Books
Genres: MC Suspense Romance
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Alarick ‘Flick’ has dealt with an array of things in his life.
His father disappearing.
His mother dying.
Becoming the President of his club.
His world isn’t always easy.
It’s certainly not simple.
But he knows how to handle it.
There isn’t a single thing he can’t deal with…until now.
Bodies are showing up on his doorstep.
People are uncovering lie upon lie.
Those he trusts are making him doubt.
Danger is lurking every corner.
He’s trapped between wanting to protect those he loves, and wanting to find out the truth.
The woman he cares most about in the world is treading on dangerous grounds, and he can do nothing to stop her.
If he doesn’t find a solution soon, more lives will end.
The terror will continue.
How the hell is he supposed to fix what’s broken, when he can’t even find the crack?
How the hell is he supposed to protect his club, when everything he thought he knew is revealing itself to be a lie?
Alarick knows one thing is for certain, whatever monster is out there…
It hasn’t met him yet. 

The hotly anticipated conclusion to Alarick’s and Briella’s story is here.
And boy what a ride. This story was something unexpected good.
This story just took a turn that open up the old wounds.
After the conclusion of Alarick, the club is back determined to solve the burgeoning issue that is affecting their community. Human trafficking, however things don’t go exactly to plan and secrets are revealed that change the course of the story.

This book focused more about the dangers out there, at times the romance took a back seat but when it was front and centre. It was hot and electrifying. They have moved on definitely from their past.
Whilst their love story is done for now . The overall arc is still moving on and for sure the mystery is heating up. Can’t wait to see what happens when we return to this world with the next book.

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