Review: Dirty Player by Gwyn McNamee

Dirty Player by Gwyn McNamee

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 14th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Only one word can describe Sebastian “Bash” Fury…


He’s dirty hot.

A dirty talker.

And a dirty player.

On the ice, he truly earns his nickname.

He bashes opponents without regard for the rules or safety.

Which is precisely why I can’t have him on my team.

As the first female head coach in the NHL, all eyes are on me, waiting for me to fail.

A man like Bash Fury is a liability who could ruin my career.

Even worse, he’ll destroy my willpower.

I should despise that cocky bastard.

But something about his swagger and quick smile make him irresistibly charming.

Despite my best efforts, things are heating up and the ice around my heart is starting to melt…

All because of this dirty player.  

This was sport romance with a twist.  It was female positive showing how a woman could be  in a male dominated sport and had a successful career in that same sport already as a coach . Something that needs to happen way more given the way things are happening.

Back to the story. Bash is literally the Dirty Player. He plays with Fury and is known for bashing players on the rink. However it’s gone too far and he is traded to an expansion team called the Scorpions and gets under the skin of  Greer who is only too aware of his reputation.

She isn’t too keen to know this man especially after he become part of her team without her permission. She got a dream to make her team successful and whilst Bash is dirty, he knows  how to play.

He is a liability

A Sexy one that knows how to push the buttons  and the games began.

For a sport romance, this book had serious heart melting moments. Whilst the romance did play the stereotypes of rich sport stars who are living large. The moments that made this book , was the tender moments. The moments behind the doors, the life changing moments that made Greer and Bash fall for each other.

It’s not over night thing but Bash works magic like there is no tomorrow. He might not always have the right intentions but he wants to do the best for his team. His growth through this books shows a maturity then even he would probably be surprised by.  This book was about the journey  and it was quite a journey.

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