Review: Cocky Protector by Kat Mizera

Cocky Protector by Kat Mizera

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 28th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Life as a CIA operative might be exciting, but living under the radar gets lonely.
Meeting someone, much less having a relationship, is the most impossible mission of all.

There was someone… once. But she was looking for a white picket fence and I was headed for war.
Now, my years of service to my country are catching up with me and I’m ready for a change.
I just never expected that change to be Shannon, or that she would be in trouble.
The man in me can’t forget that damn kiss. The Marine in me is ready to protect her at all costs.
She might not want my help, but I’m not walking away this time.
Even if it won’t have the ending either of us were looking for…

This is one crazy concept but it works so well.
Ace and Shannon had a moment years ago and since then they been separated by life. Until Ace gets a S.O.S call to help Shannon out by her mum and flies to Germany with out batting a eyelid.
Ace is more than keen to help her out. He hasn’t forgotten Shannon and the years have been mixed results for them both. Ace is at a crossroad and this couldn’t come at a better time. He been forced to reconsider his service to his country
Mizera is a familiar name to me and I haven’t a pleasure prior to this book to read a book from her but plan on reading more in the future. This new standalone novel was the perfect snapshot to be introduced to her work. This was snappy and fast, she didn’t mince the situation and the outcome could of gone either way.

Reuniting people when they are older is always special. They made mistakes and learnt and Ace and Shannon had plenty of those. Shannon showed a growth that she probably didn’t expect. She had come into her own skin and realise that she could dictate her life her way. I think need of them expected the change that unfolded but it was welcome one.
They were instantly connected in a way that was unexplainable. Time hadn’t change anything and it felt just like moments before they bridge the time gap and find themselves exploring that chemistry and trying to solve the problem that Shannon has.
The last bit of this novel is crazy. It bring everything full circle and explains something unexpected that I didn’t see coming but it genius and adds something to the story. It feels something like a whirlwind ride but this romance has been years in the making and worth the wait

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