Review: Cocky Notes by Lessa Bow

Cocky Notes by Lessa Bow

Series: Cocky Hero World
Published by  on June 28th 2020
Source: Give Me Books PR
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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Who thought writing ‘LOSERS’ on a menu could lead to an affair of love notes?
It didn’t start out as love. How could it when I vowed never to fall in love…
Reef Burton, the sexy blue-eyed football player, and his mates are definitely not ‘Losers’ yet writing it on a menu gave me reason to smile. Only it didn’t make it to the trash.
He returns to the restaurant where I work wearing his killer smile. I wasn’t to know those squiggly lines and arrows meant something. An offensive play his football team learned at an earlier training session. Coming here discussing the team plays over coffee helps… so he says.
He’ll see what I wrote. Apart from it being awkward the next time I serve him he could also report me to my boss.
I can’t lose my job when in hindsight I need two to pay all the bills rolling in, and to care for my invalid father.
I’m thankful he kept it as our secret.
Until he left me a note.
Responding will only lead to more trouble.
So when Mr Blue Eyes-Blond Surfy-Hair gives me one of his spine tingling looks, how can I resist?

Someone has taken Chase’s beginnings and given a story set in the Aussie sport scene where they play hard and love hard as well.

Reef Burton is a AFL player whose caught the waitress at his local haunt writing Losers on the menu . It starts of an exchange of notes that get bolder and riskier as time goes by.
Macy has been hurt one too many times and doesn’t have many escapes in life. She doesn’t want to rock the boat and her life revolves around her dad

However Reef, can’t get her out of his head and very quickly a causal relationship forms through the notes.

Forcing Macy out of her comfort zone and embrace the Cocky surfer who can’t seem to get out her head. But Macy isn’t ready for the ride she about to get, that could change the course of her life.

It’s a very new adult story but I love the story. It’s very Aussie in many ways with the culture and the the sport scene. It’s was fun seeing a different side to Chase and Adele who appear as secondary characters in this novel. This story is very sterotypical of the Aussie nature. It’s laid back which is all part of the Aussie charm. It’s cut throat game and the media does like to portray sport scene in a certain light which Bow touches on well in the story.
It’s not full on your face but it makes the story balance as these two figure out things
There is the obvious problem that quickly comes apparent as these notes become deeper. It’s not an over night fix and Bow made sure for these two to really address all angles of their relationship before truly settling down. Cocky Notes is the fun sport romance that brings plenty of angst and sexual tension. 

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